Coffi Glo to KIN+ILK
September 12th 2016
David Davies

David Davies and Alex Jenkins have known each other for over 20 years. David gave Alex his first job after university as graphic designer in a label company that managed called Label Image in Bedwas.

During those 20 years they kept track from a distance of each other’s journey in the worlds of business and education.

In 2012 they reconnected – neither aware of their struggles with mental health. Both immediately became aware of their commonality – politically, socially and entrepreneurial.

Initially they decided they wanted to work together and discussed starting a Branding Agency in Cardiff, this moved on to a Branding Agency with a coffee shop before ending with just a chain of coffee shops.

Coffi Glo (Coal Coffee) was the brand name we created and potential sites had been identified. Branding presentations were created and ideas on the venture came thick and fast – between them they had a consummate ability to generate new ideas that would be added to their venture.

They then realised that neither had any knowledge of the catering market and some else had to be found to turn ideas into reality.

Rhys Champion, who David had known from his days owning The Newbridge, had spent 8 years owning and running a backpackers pub in Bwlch near the Brecon Beacons, was then asked to make up the team.

Architects were appointed and dismissed, builders were sourced and found wanting and before they found their ideal building fit out team they were introduced to Angela Gidden MBE by a co shareholder – Rob Chapman. By this time we had secured 3 sites and were anxious to start living the dream. This was September 2014.

We met Ange who challenged the branding and challenged us – in her view the dream did not fit the brand – Alex finally agreed! Between them they created KIN+ILK.

Our main backers at Finance Wales were extremely supportive with the branding change and gave us the nod to go ahead.

So goodbye to COFFI GLO and welcome KIN+ILK.

KIN is our family of shareholders, directors, staff and stakeholders. ILK are our customers and others who share our space.

KIN+ILK is a family of contemporary, inclusive, invigorating, comfortable, warm, modular spaces, that open up the possibility for connection. We provide great coffee, food and drink. We are a destination for highly energised and high profile events for the business, industry and creative sectors.

KIN+ILK is a collaborative brand bringing together like minded creative, business and entrepreneurial people across our contemporary spaces. Cultivating, incubating and connecting people and ideas throughout our cluster of ever-evolving vibrant hubs.

Our stores will retain the KIN+ILK Scandinavian inspired DNA and incorporate our brand values to create places that champion good food and drink, great ideas, great spaces and each other. We are a family, the KIN+ILK family.

So having given birth to KIN+ILK the journey continues and the evolution of our ideas will roll on and on in our current and future spaces and we'll be posting further stories about our journey in due course.

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