Q+A with Joe Rowson - KIN+ILK Executive Chef
18th April 2017

Name: Joe Rowson
Lives: Penarth
Occupation: Chef

What’s your favourite ingredient?

There's so many, I love mint, I'm slightly addicted to anchovies, and I'm dangerous near a cheese board!

What was the first dish you ever made?

Professionally, the first thing I made at cookery school in Ireland was potato soup with wild garlic pesto! At home, I have a poor memory and can't remember but I would guess it was probably some kind of pasta dish.

If you had to choose Fish, Meat or Vegetarian, which  one would it be?

Vegetarian. I love fish and meat equally, but you've got a lot more versatility with vegetables, and it's much more sustainable choice.

Who inspired you to become a chef?

Ainsley Harriott for those who would remember him from the 90’s. He was always so creative with spices and just a great laugh!

How do you feel about Trifle? 

Trifle... that one is easy, shop bought, not for me it has to be home made, there’s nothing better!

What is the one food you simply won’t eat? 

Although I enjoy trying lots of foods and I’ll try a variety of dishes I'm not a big fan of offal, so if I had to pick one thing it would be tripe, not sure it’s for me!

What do you cook when your hungover?

Hangovers and me cooking don’t mix! I try and find a way of eating as much Japanese food as humanly possible.

If you had to choose one ingredient to take on a dessert island which one would it be?

I have an insatiable appetite for cheap crisps. Eating bags of them sat on a dessert island….perfect!

What’s your favourite dish on the KIN+ILK menu? 

The vegan bocata (Spanish Baguette) with hummus, sunblush tomato, olives, homemade pickles and fresh herbs. I don't trust anyone who doesn't like it!

What 3 things are unique the menu at KIN+ILK?

There's a new menu on the horizon, which will still include our favourites along with some amazing  additions which set KIN+ILK apart - a bit of dukkah here, some pomegranate molasses there and if your lucky you'll come in on a day when I make my top secret BBQ sauce.

Why should people come and enjoy your dishes at KIN+ILK?

Sandwiches have never tasted so good!

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