We’re going all out for Gofal with Nathan Wyburn
29th March 2017

We can finally reveal we’ve teamed up with distinctive food artist Nathan Wyburn and together we’ll be hosting a five day art extravaganza for all you coffee connoisseurs, foodie fans and art aficionados alike.

Nathan is renowned for his unique portraits of celebrities using food and household objects, and he’ll be creating four masterpieces a day in our Pontcanna café bar from Monday 24th to Friday 28th April using ingredients from our delicious dishes and drinks. We’ll be raising money and awareness for leading Welsh mental health charity, Gofal, which we’ve been supporting since we opened our Capital Quarter café bar in January 2016.

Ahead of the event we thought we’d find out a little more about this unique artist and why he is an advocate of speaking about mental health issues.

How did you got into art? 

I’ve always enjoyed art from a young age, I can remember drawing Power Rangers with my dad as early as 7/8 years of age. I developed my love for portraiture during my GCSE's and studied all the way up to graduating university in Cardiff with a BA Fine Art degree.

Any favourite portraits / images you have done? I'll still always saying the original Simon Cowell on toast with marmite

It kick started a whole career for and I have so much to thank it for (see video at the end of the blog or click this link). A few other favourites would be Mr Bean with baked beans, because it's hilarious and maybe my Rupert Murdoch image made using thousands of images of victims of his news of the world phone hack scandal. It made full front page of The Guardian and that was such an honour.

What's your favourite material to work with?

At the moment I'm really loving Glitter - when lights hit them they just shine so beautifully. I've done several glamorous pop stars such as Britney Spears and Katherine Jenkins absolutely loved hers when I presented her with it. Recently I made a George Michael with WHAM candy bars as a tribute after his passing, that's had a great response! Einstein with thousands of Smarties was pretty cool... And of course, I love painting with coffee.

When did you use coffee for the first time in your art? 

A few years ago now, I was thinking what I could paint Lorraine Kelly with and it just clicked! Breakfast presenter...coffee in the morning whilst waking up with her show on TV.... It just seemed fitting. It's really a beautiful material because of its sepia tones and you get to keep the original, which is novel after having worked with so many perishable food stuffs over the past few years.

Why do you support mental health?

I think it's important to support and talk about all mental health issues. I think us creative people can often feel tortured in our own heads and become our own worse enemies, whether that's professionally or personally. Raising awareness and getting rid of that stigma behind the words 'mental health' is a must. 

Why you feel the partnership with KIN+ILK is a good one?

I think it's a good partnership because they have a very modern, forward thinking approach to the business. I love creativity obviously and anything outside of the box - these guys have that down and this is going to be great fun! 

At the moment we’re keeping it under wraps who or what will feature in the pieces, but it could be a ‘dukkah Derek Brockway’, a ‘cappuccino Catherine Zeta Jones’ or a ‘granola Gareth Thomas’! Stay tuned!

Nathan will be with us between 8am and 6pm during the week commencing 24th April. The event will culminate on the Friday with a raffle and the opportunity to purchase the creations with proceeds being donated to Gofal.

Nathan Wyburn paints Simon Cowell in Marmite
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