Finca El corozo

Finca El Corozo is a farm situated on the slopes of Ilamatepec, a volcano located in the Santa Ana department of El Salvador. The area was decimated by a volcanic eruption in 2005 - covering the farm in over a foot of volcanic ash. Fernando Lima has rebuilt the farm, planting both Pacamara & Bourbon varietals which are thriving in part due to the fertile volcanic soil.

Fernando lima, “the don”

Fernando Lima himself has been the winner of many a Cup of Excellence for his coffees and is confident that Finca El Corozo will achieve this recognition in the future. He is often referred to as the “Don” of coffee in El Salvador.

This is a honey processed coffee, meaning the skin and pulp are removed and it is then left to dry in it’s mucilage or honey layer. In the cup, there's tasting notes of zesty tangerine, milk chocolate and maple syrup.