OUR ILK are our wonderful customers and people who share our space, hopefully that includes you too!

We understand that people are different, it makes our world a brilliant place to be in. It also means if you like us, and enjoy spending time at KIN+ILK, there are plenty of ways for you to become one of our ILK.

It’s not a club, it’s naturally inclusive and it’s what you want it to be. If anything it’s the feeling you get when you’re enjoying your food, drink and the time spent with us. It’s the opportunity to share your experience with us and our followers. It’s your chance to let us know what you think about us and share your suggestions with us - we love new ideas for our menus, events and exhibitions - so please don’t hold back, just let us know.

By attracting like minded people, we hope you’ll find yourself bumping into friends and even making new friends when you visit, and that way our ILK will just keep growing. Here's a blog post from one of our ILK, we'll be regularly posting their stories.